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Archer, FL
Florida Crossroads Industrial Zone property photo
Archer, FL City Hall
UF Health Clinic, Archer, FL
Fire, Rescue, Sheriff's, Archer, FL
Santa Fe College, Archer, FL
Florida Northern Railroad
Florida Northern Railroad
Archer Historical Home
City of Archer
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Florida Crossroads Industrial Zone
A 143 acre certified shovel ready industrial zoned site
Photo Gallery

The Florida Crossroads Industrial Zone is located in Archer, Florida, a place of natural beauty with close accessibility to rail, road, and sea shipping routes. Take a tour of this property and its surroundings to view the ideal future home of a light or heavy industrial occupant. This shovel-ready site is ready for immediate occupancy.
Welcome to Archer
Property Site
Archer City Hall
University of Florida Health Clinic
Fire & Rescue, Sheriff’s Sub-Station
Santa Fe College, Davis Center
Florida Northern Railroad
Florida Northern Railroad
Historical Home